GV ETNA-R Steam Cleaners with Vacuum Function
Product code 8.451.1201
Steam pressure max (bar) 7
Water/detergent tank capacity (l) 5/5
Steam production (Kg/h) 3.25
Multiple-Purpose Stream Cleaning System comes up with Vacuum Functions. Ideal for use in the food industry, catering, cellars or wine industries or in the hospitality. Multiple-Purpose Stream Cleaning System is also used in  healthcare sectors such as hotels, sports centers, gyms, wellness centers or schools and hospitals or, finally, in the transport sector, in car washes or car dealers
  • Stainless steel body AISI 304
  • Ready steam warning lamp
  • Boiler 3 kW S.S. AISI 304 - Thickness 25/10
  • Low level water lamp indicator
  • Boiler is refilled continuously
  • Switch for using chemicals and detergents mixed with steam
  • Device for cleaning hot water mixed with steam
  • Washable filter
  • Flex hose 4 m
  • Recovery tank capacity 64 l
  • Drain hose system
  • Steam regulation
  • Wheels suitable for use in food processing area
  • ON/OFF main switch with indicator lamp
  • ON/OFF boiler switch with indicator lamp
  • Boiler capacity 4 litres
  • Suction control on handle (GV ETNA-R 5.1)